Appena Iniziato
The Artist
Art has always meant more to me than just being creative. Art has brought peace, pain, joy, sadness, love, and has connected me with the parts of this world I care for the most. My motivation for painting is personal and intimate: I'm very much in love with a woman whose soul is fierce, gentle, and real.
My paintings are love letters to my wife.
It took me years to figure out how to speak the words that are deep within me that I yearn to share with her. Within each painting is a message to her about me, about her, or about our love. Love is complicated. It's joyous, uplifting, powerful, and it can also be hard and painful.
Because I paint about love, I continue to create pieces that are uncomfortable, beautiful, frightening, sad, and heartwarming. Just like love, creating art isn't perfect. The emotions and feelings all of us experience resonate deeply within my paintings. Being malleable and embracing the unpredictability of oil paints as my chosen medium add to the expression of my finished works.
I'm inspired and galvanized by my wife and awed by the enigma of how love and emotions occur. Will I have been someone that uplifted her, helped her be the best person she could be? Did I make her laugh, cry, ponder, and explore life as best as I could? Did I say everything that was within through my love, words, actions, and art? With that in mind...
I share my work, my paintings, my letters to Amanda, with you.