Shattered: Come Salvare Un Angelo
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When a heart or soul breaks, it never breaks in even pieces.
Like a pane of glass or a mirror we are fragile and can shatter but it's only those that are deeply connected to us that recognize it. When we break, some of us pray, some of us bargain, some of us just give up or let go. Sometimes we can't see the pieces or we don't know how, or care, to put them back together. "Shattered: Salvataggio Di Un Angelo" is a collection of works that journey through finding the pieces of a broken soul and trying to find the way to putting them back together.
Each work is done in oil on larger canvases that to face the uncomfortableness of the discovery of a broken soul. Vibrant color palettes were used in these expressionistic pieces to give the false idea that even though things were broken that everything was fine. Searching for the one that brings light to my soul in a pile of shards can seem beautiful but it's the desire to see the pieces as a whole that kept me moving forward in these works.
It's in the broken pieces of a mirror that we can see so many facets of a whole. Sometimes the pieces don't seem to fit, but if we look deep enough we can see the beauty of what lies beneath everything when it's all put back together. To find the pieces of a soul and put them back together is a journey. Some paths are taken in self discovery and other paths are to save a beloved because you can't function or stop until your connection is whole again. My path was one of trying to save my beloved, my words spoken through paint and canvas.
But in the journey of looking for the other part of my soul, I discovered that I too was shattered.
Was I able to save the angel? I don't know, but I can say that as I finished this collection I discovered that it was all the pieces that made that angel are beautiful and amazing.